Monday, July 28, 2008

We're Not Gonna Take It

So Brian and I had decided in the Spring that we're not going to take it anymore. We are referring to the price of gas/oil and that fact that it has driven all other prices up. We decided to make changes to keep money in our pocket and not feel the pinch of what's going on.
Some of my summer has been consumed by being a better, smarter consumer. To date we have: put our biomass furnace on layaway ( Total is 4K with taxes, we used the stimulus money and some savings and have about 1K to pay off before October), the pellets will likely cost us 1K this year, Oil would be triple that, so the savings is HUGE, this furnace will pay for itself in just 2 heating seasons. Not to mention we are being kinder to the earth. We changes out communication suppliers. Our phone used to run us 50.00/month, 10 for dial up and 60 for Direct TV. 120.00 total. For a dollar less, I switched to all the best from Time Warner, I got: digital cable, digital phone ( one flat fee, I can call anywhere, nor charges), adn road runner. I significantly upgraded our technology and in the long run wil save a few bucks. Finally, I reshopped our home owners insurance and will save us 300 dollars this year.

It seems like good savings, but we will probally just break even, but that was the plan. It took up a bunch of time, but has saved us some cash and improved out technology. If the government isn't really going to do much to make things easier for people, we took matters into our own hands.

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