Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cooperstown Beverage Trail

Who knew? Cooperstown has a beverage trail, and I was on it! As anyone that knows me knows I love, love, LOVE Cooperstown. Old homes, country living at it's finest, cute shops, that lovely lake and history, and I will even forgive them for the whole baseball thing. Anyways, my dad had knee replecement surgery. I took him last week for the preop. and yesterday for the surgery. Well, what's a girl to do in Cooperstown with 5 hours on her hands? Head to Fly Creek for Apple Wine. While there, I sampled their new Apple Cherry Wine, and brought that home as well. Both are chilling in my 29 bottle wine chiller. They look so happy here.
So about the beverage trail. They gave me this magazine and it was all about the trail, from Bear Pond Wineries, to the Cider mill, to Ommegang and Cooperstown Brewery. I got a stamp at the cider mill and if I visit the others will get a free glass. Silly good fun, but now I want to visit. Bear Pond has cranberry wine, and I do love my cranberry wine! Had another NY Wineries cranberry with Thanksgiving last year, it was delightfully perfect with the turkey. Crisp, sweet, and lovely. Brian and I are now motivated to finish the trail I began yesterday. Good to know we still have goals!
My dad's birthday is today, and they will turn off the pain block and send him to therapy. It won't be such a good day, but I told him a year from today on his birthday, his knee will be working and pain free, for the first time in 20 years. Here's to that, Dad. You deserve it. He will get sprung from Bassett on Saturday, Hall of Fame Saturday. That should be fun. May need to stop for more wine.

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