Thursday, July 10, 2008

Book Worm

In the summer, while I go full speed ahead trying to catch up on life, parent and worry about my own kids ( instead of all the kids at work), and become "Project Girl". I become a book worm. During the school year, between working a stressful job, and all the girls activities, my own life and personal enjoyments come to a halt. Something has to give, and it's my hobbies. But during the summer? I head to the library and grab a stack! I am currently reading "A Girl of the Limberlost" by Gene Stratton Porter. Don't know how this escaped me as a kid? I read everything I could get my hands on and many American Classics. ( but sadly, didn't finish half the books we were supposed to read for AP Lit. Man, who picked those books! Our AP kids are reading much better selections) This book has got my attention. I will polish it off by weeks end.
Walked down to the library yesterday for the girls to get some books, no summer brain drain here, and got "Prision Diaries of Chester Gillett" Typically, I don't go for crime books, or even mysteries, but the tale of Chester has always intrigued me. PErhaps because he was tried in Herkimer Co, or because this happened in my precious Adirondacks, or just because I can't understand how murder becomes an option to someone just not wanting to face parenthood. It was turn of the century, before DNA, he could have just said " She is a tramp, a tartlet, the kid isn't mine." He was an upstanding man from an affluent family, she just a working girl. HE would have been believed. It's the same for Scott Peterson, divorce was always an option. So perhaps my read and curiosity is just to try and understand how someone arrived at that decision? I am not sure, but whatever the case, it looks like a good read.

Anna got a stack of books, as did "the professor" I took the liberity of grabbing a coupld for Peep, as she is at camp. She isn't crazy about books, but the other two? They get me and they get books! We'll have to head for the playhouse for a good read today.

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moi aussi said...

You did read A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly? It's set 100 years ago in the adirondacks. It's a coming of age story, but her story is every woman's story. And there are tie in to the Chester Gilette murder too.