Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hard to believe I haven't happened by my beloved blog since 2009! I guess life came at me fast? I miss this old blog, and by gosh, if life isn't going to end in an epic disaster this year, I need to bring back my blog!
I'm looking forward to 2012. It's a Disney year, first and foremost! We owe Ava a trip because she has no memory of our previous 2 trips. One she wasn't alive for, and the last trip she was a baby. Thats exciting. I get to see MICKEY this year.
Second, I think we are financially better off and can be closer to planning our addition. More square footage. How can you go wrong? An extra bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Just what we need to spread out a bit!
Finally, with snow shoes and kayak at my disposal, it looks like some fun is in store for me! Time to get in touch with my hobbies, which as luck would have it get me out doors and doing activity. Can not wait!!!

Welcome 2012. Welcome back blog!