Monday, May 30, 2005

Burger King

I had to drop papers off in New Hartford for our Real Estate Agent yesterday, and my hungry little girls voted to eat at Burger King. Not really my idea of good food, but I was hungry, and we were over an hour away from home.
As I pulled in, I had a moment. It jogged my memory back more than 16 years to a first date that I had that ended up there. I don't know what made me think of it, but I don't think I had been there since that occassion. It was an after movie snack stop, I have no idea what I ate, but I think it involved a Michael J. Fox movie????
It's nice to see that some things have remained the same after all these years. Packy's Pub still has Cans and Clams, Props Inn is still a bar ( my parents once had a date there....), and even Sangertown Mall looks pretty much the same ( and it never did sink). I told the girls I used to shop there. They looked amazed and thought it was cool. I just felt old.

Central New York

It's funny, when I moved to the Capital Region, I think I vowed not to move back there. This was hip, the housing market was awesome, job outlook good and progression was everywhere. I wanted to part part of a bigger city, a city girl. Now I want nothing more than to move back home and to be a country girl again.
In just four years time, how did my mind change so? I'll blame it on pregnancy hormones. Who the heck knew I would be pregnant at 34? I wanted to be DONE having babies at 34 and settled in my career. I guess life really is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Maybe this miracle baby, who against all odds came to me, came at this time in my life to point me in the right direction?
So 6 months pregnant, recently graduated, and under contract with the Holland Patent School District I am ready to head home. I don't care that it's not tech valley, or that the value of homes is about half of what it is here. What I care about, what really gets me, is that I have been given the opportunity to work with children everyday. I have foud this wonderful village that looks like something out of "It's a Wonderful Life." I have the opportunity to go home, have a baby I never thought I would have, and work in a career where I will finally feel like I make a difference. I must have hit the mother load of good Karma!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Ava Joy

I had the big ultrasound today. Miranda and Brian watched closely as we saw all 4 chambers of baby's heart, all four limbs ( always a good thing), tiny feet and hands, the head, the face, and the labia. Yup. It wasn't the best shot in the world, but the u/s tech showed us what looked like two little buds of little girl parts forming. I was right. Again. It's an Ava baby. 3 girls. I am still a little shocked. Thst's 3 girls being teenagers, 3 girls dating, driving, and 3 weddings ( pray at least one elopes or we will never get our condo in Florida). 3 silly girls.
I broke down and bought the baby a few things today, and besides a diaper bag and baby book, this is all I have purchased. I guess I was in denial, but there is no denying it now. The baby was touching her face and even had the hiccups today. The head still looks a little alien, but she has taken on the shape of a baby! Welcome to my womb Baby Ava. May it be a cozy home for 20 more weeks.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I Sneeze When I Pee

It's true. I am almost 20 weeks PG and if I feel a sneeze coming on.......cross your legs! I have gained near 10 pounds so far, which is right on track. 10-13 for this time along is average. I am trying so hard not to gain too much weight.
Tomorrow is the big day. I am having my Level2, 3-D ultrasound. This is the one where you can get an idea of what the baby actually looks like, and if the baby is cooperating, find out if it's a boy or girl. I am really hoping for a boy. Aiden Russell. That would make Brian's year, possibly his life. He want's a son so bad. I am having feelings that it's a girl, Ava Joy, so let's hope I am 100% wrong. I was right, however, with Miradan.

Boy oh boy, I can't wait until tomorrow!!!!!