Saturday, October 14, 2006

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Adventures in Dentristy

So I finally went to the dentist for my check up and cleaning, only to be told my silver fillings were aging, and some to the point of "leaking." What this means is that some of them have to be replaced. Somehow, I made an appointment to have the work done, and filled with DREAD I went on Thursday am.
I didn't sleep much the night before, because I hate getting teeth drilled and in my mind, taking old fillings out didn't seem pleasant at all. On my way there, the sky was black, and it started to down pour. On the radio that song "SOS" was playing. Yeah, somebody please help me SOS. I get there, and am sitting in the chair, my stomach in a knot and the radio is now playing "The waiting is the hardest part." I look skyward, convinced somebody is reading my mind.
My new dentist is really good, and he has some cool high tech toys. One being a little wandy thing that takes a close up photo of each tooth to be viewed on the computer screen. Cool! He shows me that he is going to work on three teeth! I almost broke the arm off the chair. I was thinking one. THEN he tells me he isn't going to use any novicane. There goes the other chair arm. What in hell is this man thinking? Before I can react, he is drilling. And it doesn't hurt. In an hour, I have three fillings replaced. Out went the old silver and in went the new composite, which is actually teeth colored. My teeth look so much better. And it didn't hurt. Really. This man is goooood. I am telling everyone I know about him. Never in 35 years and about 5 different dentists has dental work been done so well in my mouth. Amazing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Hijacked Life

For at least the past year I feel my life has been hijacked. It has escalated to an almost depressing status as of late. Between 3 kids, a full time job, a Brownie troop, keeping my home, and a husband with Fibro, my me time? It is non-existant. Most nights I am asleep on the couch insanely early, or I have to stay up insanely late trying to get things done. I feel like each day I just hang on and hope everyone is fed, cleaned, and at the right school. I am really missing the parts of my life that used to be mine. I haven't scrapped in over a year. I haven't gotten on the treadmill in months. My eyebrows are even a mess. Yet, I try not to feel sorry for myself because at least I"m not in pain every day. Brian's disease management has all but failed in the past month. He's in rough shape, so I work harder doing all things house and kid related so he won't have to. I am feeling like something better give before my sanity does, but there really isn't anything that can give. I think the only thing I can currently do is to remember it's situational. Even my blog is all but dead. Sigh.