Friday, May 26, 2006

Snow Day

I know what you're thinking, it's 60 degrees, the Lilacs are blooming, how can it be a snow day? Well, it is! We get back our unused snow day today as an extra vacation day. A bonus day. A unanticipated day to get things done! Woo Hoo! I am always wishing for extra time in my day and today, it's as if my fairy godmother granted my wish. Oh the things I will do today.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

60 and Done!!

I finished up my last master's level class that I have to take. This completed my 60 credit hours, and did so with an overall 3.9. Smart, I know. I can continue to take classes to advance my pay level, but I don't have to take anymore. Ever. However, somewhere lurkingin the back of my mind is this really great research idea I have for an Ph. D. I am sure that amount of communication, pictures, images, etc.....children are exposed to since birth has something to do with the amount of kids that have ADHD, ADD, or just plain can't pay attention in school. Our teachers have to constantly keep things in motion in the classrooms to keep up with the inexistant attention spans. I have so many kids that have 504's for ADHD I have lost track of the number. I believe it's all related. I would love to do either a correlation or a longitudal study of this. But, I don't have to.

A Cure

Today I discovered an actual, yes actual cure for PMS. Eat one large, gooey Hemstrought's half moon cookie and drink one very large glass of milk. It was better than the half of bottle of asprin that really didn't do anything. I am cured! Praise Jesus......

Sunday, May 07, 2006

She is a Comedian!

My little Anna, who is biologically not mine, has a sence of humor that is so much like mine. She is sarcastic, and quick with little zingers. Just the other day, we were walking to the post office. We passed a house and she said " Mom, who lives here?" I said " I am really not sure." She says " Maybe Allison." I say " Allison who?" " YOU KNOW mom, Allison in wonderland. " I am still chuckling.

Friday, we went out to dinner at Applebees. The girls love that place, I like the amboance and the obscure 80's music. The girls got balloons on the way out. I tell them to hold on tight to them. Anna says " Yeah or it will go up to God. He must have a lot of balloons." This is why her IQ is 115. She is one quick thinker. And funny as heck. I get her.

Pay it Forward

I have always lived my life like this, paying it forward, being nice and doing random good stuff. I guess thats why, in high school, I got the "Good Kid Award." My professors invited me back to St. Rose last week to help students still in grad school in their job search. They held a "Go for the Job Night." I was one of the lucky ones that got a job last year, but I like to think it was because I worked my butt off, and really had it in my heart to get a job working with kids everyday. So I hopped on the thruway and went. Sure, it wasn't easy taking time out of my schedule and leaving my kids for the night, but I am glad I did it. I was very upbeat for the students, even thought the job outlook is grim. I had a hand out with job search tips, and I worked the room, answering questions, giving advice, dishing out a little hope. In the end, I am glad I did it. There were certainly other counselors that helped me in my job search, and if I gave just one person a little piece of advice that helps them get hired, and in turn they help kids for years to come, that is really cool!