Sunday, May 07, 2006

She is a Comedian!

My little Anna, who is biologically not mine, has a sence of humor that is so much like mine. She is sarcastic, and quick with little zingers. Just the other day, we were walking to the post office. We passed a house and she said " Mom, who lives here?" I said " I am really not sure." She says " Maybe Allison." I say " Allison who?" " YOU KNOW mom, Allison in wonderland. " I am still chuckling.

Friday, we went out to dinner at Applebees. The girls love that place, I like the amboance and the obscure 80's music. The girls got balloons on the way out. I tell them to hold on tight to them. Anna says " Yeah or it will go up to God. He must have a lot of balloons." This is why her IQ is 115. She is one quick thinker. And funny as heck. I get her.

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