Monday, May 02, 2005

Ava Joy

I had the big ultrasound today. Miranda and Brian watched closely as we saw all 4 chambers of baby's heart, all four limbs ( always a good thing), tiny feet and hands, the head, the face, and the labia. Yup. It wasn't the best shot in the world, but the u/s tech showed us what looked like two little buds of little girl parts forming. I was right. Again. It's an Ava baby. 3 girls. I am still a little shocked. Thst's 3 girls being teenagers, 3 girls dating, driving, and 3 weddings ( pray at least one elopes or we will never get our condo in Florida). 3 silly girls.
I broke down and bought the baby a few things today, and besides a diaper bag and baby book, this is all I have purchased. I guess I was in denial, but there is no denying it now. The baby was touching her face and even had the hiccups today. The head still looks a little alien, but she has taken on the shape of a baby! Welcome to my womb Baby Ava. May it be a cozy home for 20 more weeks.

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