Wednesday, July 09, 2008


POTO, pointing out the obvious......I have been saying for the past, I don't know, YEAR, that we got ourselves into this oil mess. Blame government all you want, but how many people are driving around in gas guzzling monsters? How many people with kids "needed a big car" and drive cars half the size of my house? How many guys drive trucks and never actually put anything in the truck bed? MANY. It's simple economics folks, lower demand, increase supply, lower the price. Learned that in high school. The solution has ALWAYS been that we need to make changes as a society. We need to trade in vehicles for hybrids, we need to move closer to work and commute less or car pool. We need to combine errands and drive less period. We need to heat our homes with renewable resources. We need to harness the wind! Why in hell would you put a power line through my beautiful upstate NY for energy going to NYC, when you could put a wind farm in the Catskills, or closer to the city??????? It is so obvious, yet governments response is that in 10 years time maybe there will be vehicles mass produced and available and affordable, and that they should lower the speed limit to force people to save gas??? Are you freaking kidding me? Force legislation down our throats? People should be making the changes on their own.
So yesterday, some old oil tycoon from Texas comes on TV and says what I have been saying all year. That we created it, we need to get ourselves out of it. His backdrop for the news conference? Wind turbines, beautiful clean wind turbines. ( you know, ones that don't even require man power to run them?). The networks lead with this story last night. Maybe people will now take notice and make changes????

Don't blame me. I live in the village I work in, although I have 3 kids and according to society, I "qualify" to drive a small house, I drive a Volvo wagon, fits 7, 28mpg. Could be better, but not bad overall for the small amount of driving I do. We actually use the truck we own to haul stuff, move stuff, and for my husbands home inspection biz. We are purchasing a furnace to burn pellets. No more oil heat here, and thatsavings will be hundreds of gallons a year.
I also blame the Clinton years. Times were good. We forgot to save for a rainy day and we became gluttonous consumers. We could afford super size everything. I think times have to be tough right now so we slow down, and make positive changes for ourselves, and for our planet.
I will continue to raise girls that are aware, that are not sucked into consumerism, and that reuse, reduce, and recycle. It's up to me to help, and I can make a difference. We all can, and in the end, it will benefit us all and generations to come.

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