Friday, July 18, 2008

Books, History, and POPT, Again

Books, well, I have just finished my two, I was reading them concurrently, and would read them based on my moods, but " A Girl of the Limberlost" won. What a great book. I will put this on my daughter's reading lists. The main character is everything I want my girls to be. She is hard working, honest as the day is long, and resilient. I have always said my girls don't need to be straight A students, but honest and hard working will get them anywhere they dream to go, and Elnora, from this book proves my theory. A good read, very good.

The Prision Diaries and Letters of Chester Gillett, not so much. I started to read out of curiousity, as I tend to gravitate towards regional authors of late. He seems to have been writing this for an audience. It seems "staged " to me, like he was writing hoping for an appeal and when the appeal came, they would present this diary as evidence that he was a well educated, compassionate, caring person, to shed doubt for the jury. He had to be writing with this intent. Oddly he never mentions Grace, but once just in passing reference. He hardly mentions his circumstance, but to refer it to his troubles. After I read this, I now feel that the diary was superficial, and that he never for a second believed he would be put to death. He thought there would be an appeal and he would be free. He seems arrogant. ( Another motive for the diary, he would hope to sell it for profit). I also now know he killed her. He made her travel seperatley from him as they headed to the "North Woods", they boarded the trains at different times and did not sit together. He registered them as assumed names into the various hotels ( what would real names have mattered? Who in Utica knew them, or Big Moose?) they stayed at and ran out on their bills. He had planned ahead by telling his family he was just heading north for some R and R. He had some things sent on to Old Forge. Never mentioned Grace or the fact that they would travel together. ( The entire time she was preggers, he cavorted with other girls without real cares). He rents them a boat and loads his suitcase into it, tennis racquett, and all his belongs for a lesiurly paddle in the Big Moose. Who takes all their stuff? Grace didn't.
The only thing I wonder, is what the hell was he telling her? How did he justify they travel seperate ( they didn't even sit together, which was premediated, so people wouldn't be able to testify that they saw them together). How did he justify the vacation, or the fact that he loaded his stiff into the Adirondack Canoe for a paddle? And why was she so guillable, so smitten with him she would believe his crap? They went to Utica first, the theory being he was looking for a boarding house for unwed mothers and she would stay there, have the baby and give it up, but if that were the case, why the seperate travelling arrangements? Nothing illegal there? I think that is just what he told her, knowing the entire time he had a plan. I would like to now read the letters she sent him. He sent her a few, but she sent him many. I am just curious what she believed what was the intention of their trip north? Romantic getaway?

In other news, I met up with my friend Karen, and he fater in law grew up in our house. I invited them over to see our projects, and it was cool having him here telling us what has changed, or how things were. He grew up here, we are the 4th owners since 1850, his parents were the second, so this house was pretty "original" when they lived here. I have them looking for old photos of the house, old black and whites. We would like to have some to display them. Funny, where I have my antique was stand, he said his mom did. Where I have the dining room buffet, he said his mom did. My wash basin and picture, he said his mom had one just the same! Mission accomplished! When I decorate, I try to take history into account, and although I want some modern things, I like to showcase the history of my house!

Finally, breaking news last night. Kids are fat. That was actually the story. Brian and I were laughing, because I have been saying this for a couple years. Working in school, I see 600 plus kids in my building. You wouldn't believe the overweight to healthy ratio. The norm is chubby. And somehow, the chubby girls still have self esteem to wear tank tops, low rise, short shorts, etc......( these are teens). They are addicted to technology instead of running around outside, they eat crap, drink sugar filled energy drinks ( Every AM at school, walk down the hall and see the kids drinking this crap for breakfast, or eating chips and soda for breakfast), and most probally don't sit down for dinner. Oneida Co. came into our school and did an survey, anonymous, on various helath and safety issues, less than 20% ( I think it was 16%) sit down and eat with their families.

Hope money wasn't spent on this new study that says kids are overweight.POTO again. Walk the halls of any school. It breaks my heart to see kids in what should be their health prime overweight. They will struggle their entire lives with health and weight.

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