Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Turbo Tech!

I spent most of yesterday playing with my computer, but......I actually downloaded music to my MP3 player, a smoking hot playlist of current songs ( and I got the just released remix of "Pocketfull of Sunshine", it's mixed with Sweet Escape and it is AWESOME!), updated features on my computer, cleaned out things we never use, used the flashdrive to dump out photos and free up space, and set up everyone's new email. In addition now that there is road runner, Miranda is able to use some of her technology that didn't work on dial up. She is also on tech overload. However, to make sure she is not a computer slug, for every min you are online, you owe me a min of reading. Works like a charm and she is reading!

I can't believe how fast everything moves on my computer now. I have turbo baby! Turbo car ( I really am going to get a speeding ticket one of these days), turbo online. For a multi tasking mom like me with limited time, I appreciate the speed. Zoom Zoom!

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