Sunday, July 13, 2008

Again, POTO People

So Obama makes some remarks yesterday that come up as, and this is funny, "Breaking News" on my internet home page. Headline news, bold print with links. Among other things, he said this: ``I have little doubt that we've moved into recession at this point, and the sooner we can get money into people's pockets, the sooner that we can stabilize the housing market, and the sooner that we can send a message to the markets that we're serious about creating an energy policy that will create greater energy efficiency over the next decade or so, I think the sooner we're going to get our fundamentals right,'' he said.

Well, at least he is admitting it, and not trying to dance arouond it, but don't people know this? The Republicans are trying to fake us all out by stimilus checks, but isn't the very notion that people needed a hand econimically basis for recession? Have not we as a nation been through times like this were the Feds have stepped in to lend a hand and we called it what it was, recession? Recession has to happen, after all. Recession, depression, and economic booms are a continuous pendulum that swings all the time. We are there folks. Even though I believe we have everything to do with it, we are there one way or another.

Along with the "Living Large" Clinton years, people were economically healthy. They bough big houses, cars, toys, etc....When we applied for this home loan, the banks wanted to give us up to 75K more than we spent. We kind of said " are they nuts?" We don't want a loan this big. What happends if there are more health problems, a lay off, home repairs, etc, how would we handle it all? But Brian and I aren't really the norm, we think of these things and try to live conservatively. The norm would have purchased that living large home, that came with huge taxes, heating and cooling, and when oil prices shot up, they couldn't afford it all. Again, I think things are being learned by this mess, and perhaps lenders will lend more conservitively. Oil prices rose 40%. Who factored THAT into living expenses. We don't need housing reliefs and checks from the government. We need to reply on ourselves for stable energy sources like wind and solar. We would control the price of that, and not have to be at the mercy of anyone but mother nature. That then controls the price of well everything. The oild has risen 40%, and the price of all goods and servics have followed.

When we visited my sister in law in North Carolina, and saw all the sunshine, I couldn't believe every home in her new development didn'thave solar panels? That's crazy! That is a new development!!!! If people in general can't afford oil to heat their homes, gas their cars, think about business? Everyday businesses are going under, people are losing jobs. Who wouldn't have paid a little extra for a home with alternative heating and cooling energy if it meant helping to stabalize the economy, jobs, and our nation as a whole? Every new home should be built in a way to save people money and save resources.

Forget Obama, I am going to run for President. On the "We're Not Gonna Take It" ticket/party. Who wouldn't vote for me? We are re-visiting the 70's and sadly we didn't learn from history. A war we can't get out of/afford, energy crisis ( yes, I call 5.00/gallon gas a crisis, POTO people) , and recession. Here we go again......


LoisLane said...

Must be something about growing up on a dairy farm that makes us thrifty. ;)

Every winter, I am thankful for my woodstove. We haven't gotten a fuel delivery since December!!

We want to put up a windmill and harness some of the breeze that's always blowing here.

Roon said...

You've got my vote!