Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Captains Log

Summer vacation, day 2, and did I get some things done! Put a first coat of paint on the play house ( left over paint in the cellar, left for us from the last owners!), went to the playground, swam for 3 hours with the girls ( I swam laps as they played), made a nice home made dinner, moved the crib out of Ava's room, moved in Miranda's old bed for her, and cleaned out the dress up box and under Miranda's bed. Ready for the loft to be built in her bedroom. Mulched around the trees, and moved out plant boxes I am using in the playhouse project.
Look at me go! Also, as I was cleaning out the vitamins, I found some Papaya Enzyme not yet opened. I asked Brian about it and he said he wasn't taking it anymore. Me " What will it do"? Him " It's for energy". Damn! Why didn't you say so. Who needs more energy than me. So I popped the recommended dose. I figure I will give it 3 weeks and see if I have more energy. Cracked myself up, I was recalling Amy in high school when she kept that list in Chem. of the chemicals and elements. She would ask the teacher what a certain chemical would do if you put it in your mouth. He would answer, she recorded that, and then tasted it to see what the reaction was.

Here's to another busy day! I want to finish the blue paint on the playhouse, and fill the planters with dirt, maybe even get some plant for it. Embrace the day! and here's hoping my papaya will kick in!

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moi aussi said...

You GO girl. I've been making lists to help me stay focused so I get alot done each day.