Sunday, February 24, 2008


We headed to Inlet for the Frozen Fire and Ice day yesterday. That's ice skating at Fern Park, sledding on the big hill, a bon fire, dinner at the Screaming Eagle ( love that place), and fireworks over the lake. It's kind of a tradition now, as this was our second year attending. What a GREAT day we had playing outside in the Adirondacks. Ava was great, she put on the little skates and away she went. She skated alone, and then pushing a chair like the other little ones. People were amazed that she was only 2. Miranda, oh Miranda. I wish we lived near ice. That girl glides accross the ice and was even adding some arabesques, and skating on one leg. It's the 3rd time she has skated. It's natural to her. Anna was happy with a couple laps around and the hot chocolate and doughnut they offered.

The fireworks were amazing. Over our heads over the lake, stars in the sky, and a great bonfire going. Here are some shots from our adirondack day and night:

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