Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

At school, kids have been off the wall. I like to refer it to March Madness. they have been cooped up and the weather sucks, we are nearing the last marking period, always a source of kid stress, it's prom season and relationships are at critical mass, and spring sports have begun, adding more stress to kids. Brian can never believe so many kids stop by my office in tears, looking for advice. He thinks because they are teens, life is a breeze for them, and I should just tell them to grow up. This is why I am the guidance counselor, and he is not! Seriously, though, I can empathize with these kids. He had it easy. His parents had stable jobs, stable relationship, and he had his future all planned ( you know Brian, a man with a plan). My last year of high school, first year of college were the toughest times in my life, and I never sought out anyone to talk about it, anyone adult at least that may have been able to help me out.
My last year of school my parents were losing their business, their livlihood. I had no other siblings at home to share this burden with me. I wanted to help them, yet how could I? I was uncertain where we would live, let alone how could I leave them and go off to school? I only applied to one school, SUNY Cortland, because I was afraid to leave them. I was afraid to make plans for my future, because their was a mess. My dad was depressed to the point I was afraid he may hurt himself. It was pretty intense for a 17 year old kid. My relationship catagory was not healthy either, and the only thing I did have to lean on were my girl friends. They gave me hope, until I met Brian in Sophmore year, and then I had him to lean on. He was my rock, still is.
Looking back, I wonder how I made it out? These were the days before counseling centers on campus, and the days when your guidance counselors were just in charge of your schedules. I have just as much mental health training as I do the academic piece. There is a reason for this. I use my mental health training daily, and I feel for these kids. I understand, and I think they get that about me, which is why they line up for my help.
So, I am enjoying these few days off. Hoping it's not so crazy on Tuesday.

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moi aussi said...

You know, you never really shared this with me. I'm kinda the person you have to slap up side the head and say: "listen", but really, i would have. But think of the g-coun. at our school! Would you want to share with them? They were incompetent and inadequate.