Friday, April 11, 2008

April Showers

April showers actually bring on spring cleaning here! A day in means a day to clean and organize. First, I have to say Happy Birthday to Miranda. 10 today. Double digits. Not sure how that is possible since I am still 30 ( Shhh), but it is what it is. I have her presents stashed, and a nice family dinner planned. In the summer, when it's warm, she is having a High School Musical ( OMG, I love Troy!) sleep over/pool party, and my neighbor allegedly ( he's an engineer, has all sorts of technology) has a projector we can use with a big sheet hanging on the back of the carriage house for an out door viewing of HSM 1 and 2.
For today? More of yesterday, cleaning house, cleaning up yard, mucking out closets, getting organized, etc....One teacher asked me what I was doing over vacation. When I told her this, she said, " If the girls are bored, they can come over." Funny, this is my idea of a perfect vacation! Who would think my girls will be bored spring cleaning? ( however, she is a musher, and has sled dogs, I am thinking of calling her. In their world, she is a rock star!)

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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