Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Country Living Design

I have a beautiful side porch on the circ 1836 Victorian Farmhouse. We put the swing out there and I have been decorating it for outdoor living little by little each summer. I visualize this cover for "Country Living" magazine in my head. Leafy green ferns hanging down, pillows and old quilts tossed accross my swing, little tables filled with books and lemonade, and candles to light it by night. I am happy to say, I am part way there. This weekend, I painted my wicker chair ( rescued from curb last spring, rehabbed with spray paint I already had and a cushion I made out of this perfect yellow toile fabric I bought waiting for the perfect project). Next to it is a old picnic basket I also rescued from a curb, and on top of that sits my old porch light we replaced last spring, of which I gutted, painted, and turned into a candle lantern. Lovely, not a dime spent, and items were saved from the landfill. Green and free, even better. By summer's end, I hope to have the fern and more old cozy linens to add to the swing and chair.

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moi aussi said...

The poarch looks very pretty. Are you gardening this year? I'm planting all sorts of veggies, I think I've lost it. Sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, and corn too! We must see each other soon! I miss you!