Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rescue Me

Stopped at a garage sale on my way home from dance with Miranda yesterday. Couldn't believe my finds, and all for less than 5.00! Battleship, mint condition for a very excited Miranda. ( love that my kids will play board games. They are "off the grid kids". No "gamers" here.....) I was in the market for a storage facility of some sort for her room. She has her play clothes living in her vanity, and no room for her "girly" stuff. I found a 3 drawer plastic organizer, and hauled it out happily, very happily.
But the big find? Best of all, I got a "Beauty Box". A retro chrome bread box for a buck. Yes one dollar ladies and gentlemen. I wanted one for my pantry organization project. Didn't want a new one, wanted an old one. It probally could have been an east 20.00 at an antique store or more, but there is was dull and a little rusty. What I know is that retro chrome and steele wool? Shines up nice. So I hauled it home, steel wooled it last night, replaced the little lever with this PERFECT glass knob Brian had, and viola! It now occupys a shelf in my pantry for bread, of the gluten and non gluten variety.

Good weekend so far. Went to the Grand March for Prom last night. Our kids had a "Old Hollywood" theme, and I was so happy to see elegant long full dresses. Very little hoochie mama present. My neighbor girl, the one who babysits and I think the world of? Stunning. Can't believe she didn't have a date. Well, in college, the guys will beat a trail to her. What fun. Made me feel old, though.

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