Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Funnies

Stressful week. Sick baby = Miserable baby. Thankfully, some funny things said here this week. Ava was playing little people. She said " Little People boy, WHAZZZUP". Then, as we were sitting at dinner " Oh, MAN". Not to be undone in humor, Anna and I were in the office. The washing machine was draining, and sometimes, it makes the downstairs toilet bubble or gurgle. She looked into the bathroom and said " I think it's going to blow." Does she even understand how funny she is? Love her humor. As Ava was in between throwing up and messy diapers, at least I had some humor.

And, Brian is currently on a wine run. We ralized my 29 bottle wine chiller was just chilling beer. I told him to come home with no less than 4 bottles of wine. I picked 3 and told him to choose a "wild card." That and a fish fry tonight will perk me up I think. I have been up with Ava 2 nights in a row. 3rd time is not a charm. Got my goblet all ready. Maybe I will chill it.

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