Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spiced Up Kitchen

Actually, gutted out and started from scratch is more like it! Starting to really come together. The contractor was done late October, but then we had to become the contractors. At 90.00/hour, we just let him do the stuff we couldn't. We gutted it out late August through September. Hauled all the scraps away. Lived with a floorless pit for a month while we plumbed ( Brian and his dad, they had to move the sink plumbing, and get copper pipes ready for new fridge with water and ice maker). The electrician had to come and bring us up to codes ( nothing was GFP'd, in the kitchen, can you stand it?). I now have ground fault protected outlets! We had to move outlets up from near the floor, install wiring box for self venting micro, put in boxes for recessed lighting above sink, and dimmer switch for new recessed lights.
Contractor installed new floor and worked on joists ( sunk 2 inches with age), put down a new sub floor, ceramic tiled floor with decorative Italian tile border, hung cabinets, put in tin celiling, and installed new countertops. We are left with painting, trimming, putting in crown molding, new wainscoating around kitchen, and decorating. The Island is being crafted by Brian, and will likely be ready by the spring. So here is a peek of work in progress, but first you have to see the old:

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