Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somebody Stop Me!

WE had a fabulous time in Albany yesterday. Shopped till we dropped. The girls rode home in blissful happiness. Miranda, when asked what her best was said seeing Sandi. ( it's a family thing, the question "what was your best". It means what was the best part of your day. The girls got home, scarfed down Pizza Mia from Pizza Hut ( surprisingly only 5 WW points each), and were talking to Brian a mile a min. They were so animated. Ava, in between bites of her pizza, kept saying " We do again, ok Daddy?"
So When I looked over my own purchases, I had to laugh. ORganizational things. I bought some nice under the bed storage bags for my summer clothes, and I bought each girl a Hallmark Keepsake Card box for the cards they save. ORganized that last night. I scoped out the penny cand jars and half baskets I want to organize the pantry. That will require a trip to the Christmas Tree Shop in Syracuse later this month, as I finish up painting the pantry shelves.
Today? A load of laundry, and a trip to ALdi's and the bread outlet to stock up the cabintets and freezer for the next month. Another great day on the docket. Oh, and some reading time with Anna and Miranda to read books with them. Top of the Morning!

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