Sunday, February 17, 2008


I love February break. It is typically a time I go through the girls closets, weed out clothes that don't fit or are torn or stained, and we go shopping for some "fill" clothes to get us through the rest of winter. It is kind of our tradition, the shopping thing. Then I clean, organize, restock the pantry and get ready to go till Spring break.
So far this has been a great productive break. I ran some errands Friday, painted the pantry, organized all the girls hair accessories in a really pretty box I got from Tuesday Mornings, and got a few items of clothing at a real bargain yesterday.
I took the girls to the library yesterday to stock up on books for the week. I have decided when they get on my nerves, we "stop drop and read." They found some great books, one book I am looking forward to reading with Miranda, life of a little girl in the Mohawk Valley in the 1920's. I even found a book for me, one my neighbor recommended a while back, " Eat, Pray, and Love." It's about a 36 year old woman ( fancy that!) searching for balance in her life. Despite having "it all", the author feels her life is at a pivital moment and strikes off to 3 countries to find balance. I realized, in reading the Preface, I too am lacking Balance. Most days I feel like I am careening out of control just to get to work, take care of kids, take care of home, cook, etc....I never feel an internal balance. I can't look ahead into my future to see when this careening will stop and sometimes I have anxiety. I am interested in what the author will find out, as I really can't ( or don't want to is a better word!) divorce my husband and head out on a journey. Looks like a good read!

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