Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Sooooo Good

5:11 am. Can't sleep. Decide to get up and check on the weather. Dang. Not a flake. No snow day. I figure since I am up, good time to load more music into the ipod ( working on Dana Dance's like having my own station to program). 5:15am. Ava's saying " Mommy". Go rescue her so she doesn't wake the rest of the girls. 5:20am. Turn on TV, watch in confusion as I see my school's name scrolling. SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!! Must be in anticipation of ice?? 5:25am. Brian decides to head in so he can get out early. Somehow, he sets off the car alarm ( the one we never actually need to use, since we live in a Norman Rockwell kind of neighborhood). 5:27am. Miranda is now up. So much for my peaceful work time.
Somehow, I do get to work on this playlist. I now have about 100mb's of FIERCE dance music loaded into the ipod. My next workout will rock the house! I am still quite pleased with myself. Now I understand why ever kid in high school has a loaded ipod. Way cooler than radio. I am currently jamming to Donna Summer's I Feel Love, the Rolo- Remix from 2000."It's soo good, baby it's soooooo good" 8.12 min of pure dance enjoyment. Fierce.
Happy Snow Day! And it figures, I got really organized at work, and was going to see about 10 kids today for counseling. Oh well, guess my Monday will hop.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dana! Snow days are the bomb! And so are iPods. Are u using the old one, or did you go for the iPod? Do you manage through iTunes? Anyway. I have 550 songs in my iPod and plan on selling all the old CD's . My plan by summer is to have not one CD in the house. Think about it. Just one timy gadget for the whole library. Yes, I have techno lust!