Friday, March 25, 2005

Kitty Boy

My daughter adopted a cat from the humane society today. Technically, I guess I did which is pretty big seeing as how I am not a cat person. I have a big golden retriever named Daisy and am loyal to her. Miranda, however, is a cat person in a dog person house. My husband and I decided to let her get a cat for her birthday. She has been trying to talk us into it for the past two years. In fact when we got Daisy she said " Awww....we should have got a cat." She was 4 years old and made this comment.
We went to the ASPCA in Glenville today and she feel in love with Baby. He is a 1 year old, buff colored kitty. He is actually the same color as our dog. She was so cute toting that cat carrier out of the shelter. It took all her strength to carry it. She picked him out cat toys and a cat blanket to sleep on. She spared no expense. Technically, I spared no expense.
When we got home, we were not sure how Daisy and Baby would get along. So far, it's a hate-hate relationship. Fur flew, cats hissed, dogs barked, and tails got really big. The dog is currently at my feet. The cat is curled up in Miranda's lap. I guess the animals can tell who they belong to. A cat for a cat person, a dog for a dog person. Homeostasis in my house.

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