Sunday, April 03, 2005

April Showers

I really dislike the month of April. My daughter was born in April, you think I would like it, but the month was tainted long ago. I dislike it for various reasons. First, all the rain. Rain daily tends to depress me. I can't let the girls play outside, can't yet do yard work, and the mud!! The mud drives me crazy. The dog really likes the mud and comes in muddy from head to toe. Being OCD, this drives me to drink. I like things neat and clean please.
I have also disliked April due to all the family deaths in April. My grandmother passed away in April, as did her mother. I have a grandfather that died in April, and a favorite great uncle, Uncle Allen, who passed away in April. I had my first miscarriage in April, as well. I find it odd that I would dislike an entire month, as I really do love Spring, but I like Spring May style. Warm weather, flowers and lilacs blooming, Memorial weekend and the official kick off of Summer. I wish I could hibernate the month away, but somebody has to clean up the mud!

Rain rain go away.......

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