Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Notebook

No, not a cool new laptop computer, I am speaking of the movie The Notebook, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. I have read Sparks work, and am a fan of his romantic time shattering love stories. In fact, I usually end up in tears by the end of his stories. This movie was no different. We rented it last night, and my throat hurts from crying. What a great story. What a great love.
I have always been a romantic, almost a fatalist romantic, in that I believe things happen for a reason and fate brings people together. It is no different with my own real life love story. It was fate that I went to HCCC. I had thought I wanted to go to Cortland, but never applied becuase of other things happening in my life and with my family. I wanted to be closer to home, so I really didn't explore other options. Although Brian and I didn't have to overcome great hurdles to be together, like Noah and Ellie in The Notebook, it was from the start, a great romance. I had met a guy as romantic as me. One who loved me as intensly as I loved him. I met a man who was heading in the same direction as myself, with the same goals, the same hobbies, even the desire to have 3 children. If I hadn't gone to HCCC, I never would have met Brian.
I saw our lives 30 years in the future when I met Brian, and I was able to see happiness. I couldn't see my life anyother way. As we approach our 10 year Anniversary this June, I realize how lucky I am, to have met my great love. To still be in love with him, to still hold hands, embrace daily, to still be able to see our lives 30 years down the road and to still see happiness. The statistics were not with us, as 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Somehow, we have survived financial crunches, health issues, dissappointments, and have come out together. We still have unrealized dreams and goals to meet, but I know together, we will continue on our journey, hand in hand.

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