Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I first heard this term in my multicultiral diversity class as St. Rose. The class was more than just about people from different cultures. It was about people that are different and the needs of these people as you work with them. Passing. It means people that try to pass as other things. Biracial people trying to pass as white. Gays trying to pass as straight. Transgenders trying to pass as the opposite sex, family women trying to pass as career women. I am now a trying to pass. I am trying to pass as a non-pregnant woman to get a job that I fairly deserve. It's hard work! Do I look pregnant today? Are my clothes covering up my little baby tummy? Did I remember to not mention the baby? Do I need a girdle to pull my stomach in more. I wish I didn't have to pass. I can't imagine having to do this on a daily basis just to get what is due in the world. For all the people that have to try to pass as other things, I feel some of your pain. And it sucks!

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