Saturday, April 23, 2005

Easy Come, Easy Go

I am using the tax refund money to pay up bills. What a sad thing to have to do with a large windfall of cash. I worked hard this year at tax time and found a lot of deductions for us. Unfortunately, my internships were unpaid this year, and I brought in 0 income. It took a toll on us as now I have to pay back the credit card bill, the taxes I had put off for two quaters, and a stack of medical bills. I love to save money, and would like nothing better than to save this tax refund. It is killing me to be writing out checks and watching it dwindle. Next year I vow to be in a better place, working full time, bills paid off, that some of the tax money can be saved money and some can just be fun money. We will have another baby to add as a dependent, and Anna, not only as a dependent, but we will get the adoption tax credit (10K).

So here's to watching this refund go on our responsibilities and here's to dreaming about next years. Easy come, easy go I guess.

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