Monday, March 07, 2005

Mr. Joy

I had to go in for my monthly maternity exam today, and am happy to say everything looks good! However, of course I have a story to tell. My OB couldn't find the babies heartbeat with the Doppler. I wasn't freaking out because I didn't hear Mirandas until I was around 14 or 15 weeks. My uterus is tipped way back and that is where my little baby is currently nestled. Peeper did the same thing. So, to assure me the baby was find, my Doc decided to do another ultra sound. HOWEVER, with the belly sonogram, they couldn't see the baby too well because of the location, once again. My Doc then gets out the transvaginal ultra sound. This is a piece of medical fun that goes inside "down there." They use it when you first get pregnant to get an early glimpse of the baby. It more or less resembles a sex tox, as it has to go inside "down there." So, I say outloud " Oh, I thought I was done with Mr. Joy." My OB has a wierd sense of humor and didn't get that I was being sarcastic. He said he never had anyone name it or refer to it as "Mr. Joy." I was saying "Mr. Joy", as in "Oh, joy.......I get to have that again."

So now my OB thinks I like sex toys. Just great.......The good news is that the baby's heat was beating nice and strong at 153bpm. We saw a head and limbs, and he was even, at 1.3 inches little, sucking on his toes. Amazing. Um, thanks for a good time, Mr. Joy!

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