Thursday, March 03, 2005

Baby Talk

The girls seem fascinated that I have a baby growing inside of me. It is kind of freaky, if you really think about it. A person grows another person inside of them and then squeezes them out. Only you have no memory of it, thank god!
Miranda is very excited. She is hoping that it's a boy and not another girl to get into her Barbies. She talks to the baby in my tummy and says " Baby, it's your sister Miranda." Cute! She drew a picture at school of me with the baby in my tummy. She drew the baby with wings and said it was an angel. How does she know that? For as hard as it was to get pregnant, and the loss and heartache we went through, I think it is an angel. She is so smart and sensitive. She is a great big sister. The best.
Anna, at 3, has to think about the fact that I have a baby in there. I am not showing yet, and she has a teacher that is 9 months pregnant with a big belly. So, she asks me throughout the day " There's a baby in there mama???" She has the most puzzled look on her face. Tonight she asked me what the baby's name was " girl baby or boy baby." Then she said " Is there 2 Mama." I really hope not. My OB said one, if he is wrong, I will hang him by the toes over the Northway northbound during rush hour. No Anna, just 1. As much as we want another baby, we just want 1, thank you.
I never thought we would get to have these baby discussions in my house. These are some of the best conversations I have ever had. I can't wait to find out if it is a girl baby, or a boy baby. AS long as it's only 1.......

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