Sunday, March 20, 2005


I was watching Entertainment Tonight last night, it was "Hollywood Scandals" night. I must admit this is a guilty pleasure of mine, getting up to speed on the scandals. Last night they focused on the cast of Bewitched. I never realized that a show that brought me so much pleasure was filled with a cast that would go on to experience so mush heart break. The beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery I have come to realize had been married 3 times. Although she went on to have 2 kids with hubby #2, you wonder if she ever found true love or marital bliss? Then, to have undiagnosed colon cancer for 2 years and later die of the disease at just 62. She would be 72 today, the same age as my parents.
The 2 men that played Darren Stevens went on to have their own heartbreaks as well. Dick Sargent, having to hide his gay lover for years until he came out, only to be diagnosed with prostrate cancer a few years later and die. Then we have the saddest story of them all. Darren Stevens #1, what was his name? That is the sad part, I didn't even remember his name. He had a back injury in the 5 seasons he was on the show, became addicted to pain killers, and wound up on welfare, suffering from emphysema his last years of life.
On a happy note, the girl that played Tabitha grew up completely normal and is now around my age. I loved that show. I would rush home from school to watch it every afternoon. When I grew up, I wanted to have a house and family just like Samantha Stevens. That show was kind of magical to me, and when I hear the opening music, I feel nostalgic and a little sad all at the same time. My daughter had been enjoying reruns on TV Land ( our favorite station), and I had to explain to her what reruns were and how old the show was. We will definately be waiting for the movie to hit the big screen soon. I hope they do it justice. This show defines some of my childhood, they need to get it right.

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