Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Miss Congeniality????

I went on my first education job interview at a Teacher Recruitment fair. All dressed up in my suit, hair perfect, makeup looking fine, I felt like I was going into the interview portion of a pagent. When I got to my appointment, they had four carefully constructed questions to ask me. The questions were kind of broad and I felt like I needed to answer " World peace. I really do want world peace." The last question especially made me feel like I needed to lean into the microphone and smile and the judges. They asked me " What is the biggest challenge facing educators today and what can we do about it." Fortunatly, I know how to talk in sound bites and had a great answer: " The underfunding of education by our Federal Government, placing the extra financial burden on our already fiscally strapped communities. Educators are expected to do more with less, while teaching to standards and federal guidelines. We have to be creative and go after grants and use our community resources until the government makes education a priority again." Damn, I hope I smiled at the camera! That was brilliant. Somebody give me a crown.

You know, a beauty pagent ( of which I have actually kind of been in and won, Herkimer Co Dairy Princess 1988-89, thank you) and a job interview are really a lot alike. We put on our best, we polish the questions, and we hope they vote for us. And who doesn't want world peace?

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