Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Weekend

It's is Barnfest weekend in my neck of the woods. We look forward to this old fashioned street craft fair each year in the Fall. It's kind of a tradition. It means you survived back to school and can embrace everything that is fall, Autumn, my favorite season. Autumn is stunning up here in the north country, I always feel sorry for people that don't live where the colors change. ADK girl through and through here.
In addition to Barnfest, we have the typical 100 things going on. Anna has a soccer game, Miranda has both ballet and Nutcracker rehearsal, and Ava turns three this weekend. Go three. Three is not two. That has to be good. Need to make gluten free "Backyardigans" cake, and frosting, and of course do the usual weekend chores ( Saturday AM and I already have done 3 loads of laundry and got my groceries. I marvel at myself). Need to plan Girl Scout meeting this weekend, and an ice cream social for 200 kids ( school club that I advise is having a social for Freshmen, again, marveling at myself. How do I do all this?) Also need to clean the house for the family that is coming over. Just a typical fall weekend in my life.

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moi aussi said...

Happy Birthday AVA! Three years goes so fast. But now she's a little girl and no longer a baby! YAY!

I'm sorry I'm out of touch! No excuse from me. Just I'm sorry. Will I see you at Aaron's wedding? Hope so.