Saturday, September 06, 2008

28 Days

If you are addicted to substances isn't it 28 days that you get in treatment? Well, my addiction isn't drugs or alcohol, and it probally won't kill me, but I am addicted to carbs. Sweets, starches, breads, cereals, good ol carbs. Only lately, with 2 members of my house having to go gluten free, it's got me reasearching and thinking. There really isn't one single thing good about most carbs, especiall wheat, and even in it's 100%true state, it's hard for our bodies to break down. Most are empty calories, viod of nutrition and hard for our bodies to digest, and do lead to many health complications. The more I read, the more I am aware, the less I want things like that in my body. So, I grabbed a book at the library, mostly looking for gluten free recipies, "No Flour No Sugar", and 30 days ago, I went cold turkey. No flour no sugar. I do eat some carbs, but only whole grain oats, corn, and rice. I eat only sugar in the form of fruit and an occasional dose of splenda to sweeten things. I have had sugar free ice cream a couple times, and sugar free pudding as a treat, but that's it. And like every time I go off the carbs, my cravings stop, and I feel amazing. My skin is amazing, my energy is amazing, and I have lost some weight. 30 days means I am past the 28 days, so I should be able to stick with this. My first big goal is 100 days off flour and sugar. My FINAL goal is to see if I can stick with my changes for a year, because if I can do that, then maybe I have changed my lifestyle. I have done this before, for 6 months. Lost weight, health was great, but I missed my carbs. This time, there are very few temptations in my house, as all of our dinners are gluten free for Ava and Brian. Combine that with all I have read about wheat and wheat gluten and I don't even want it anymore.

30 days down. Here's to feeling amazing.

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moi aussi said...

Great job with avoiding sugar and flour. I really think that is the secret! I have been eating well for over a month and running twice a week (half hour of running) and have lost no weight! Why? I'm not following South Beach, I'm just eating less. It's not working.

And yes, I'm off alcohol! 36 I know what you mean with the 28. It becomes a new good habit to be off something.

It's got to be carbs! I've been using Quinoa some and bought spelt bread, but somewhere in there I am still slipping. Thanks for the inspiration.