Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Better Be Good to Me

I return to work next week. That means I have to swap garden clogs and flip flops for actual real shoes, put make up on, and head into my office. This is the time of year that my projects come to a screeching halt, as does any focus there was on myself. ( I actually get a little time in the summer to read, garden, and do some things for myself). Between running my house, taking care of the girls, and my job, which gets stressful as I usually have close to 200 students I am responsible for, I get stressed out. Most people don't know, or can't tell, cause I do deal with it well, but I stop taking care of myself. I need the time to focus on my own kids, so something has to give.
This year, I have decided that the something that has to give is not going to be me. By the end of this past school year I was fried like chicken. I gained back the weight I lost, and I wasn't eating healthy, exercising, or taking my vitamins or even drinking enough water. Combine that to the fact that my office doesn't have a window and most days I don't get lunch, which means no sunlight, erractic eating, I was feeling bottomed out.
Not this year. My supervisor askes me each year what my goals are for the year. This year, I am making some goals that will keep my own personal and mental well being in mind. Sounds a little selfish, but if I burn out and am not refreshed and energized, I am not good to kids, my own or other peoples.
My goals for the year are as such:

1. No working through lunch. I will take a break, get out of my office, eat lunch around adults, and walk for 20 min after lunch. ( I can walk laps in the school and get some sun light before heading back into my cave)

2. I will always have a full water bottle on my desk and even stop to drink it

3. I will take time in the evening or morning at home and exercise, either a walk, my bike, or treadmill. There is time, there is always time. I have found time before and everyone survived.

4. I will say no from time to time. Again, everyone will survive. Other people can handle things too.

5. I will not buy shoes that are cheap. Comfortable shoes are not a luxury item. ( Please note I put all non-comfortable shoes in my garage sale! It was hard to get rid of cute shoes, but I decided to be good to my feet.) Soft Spots are my new signature shoe. ( just bought pair number 2 after pair number one purchased in 2006 not only gets tons of compliments, still look new and are like walking on air. Cute and comfy).

6. My spa day coming up in 2 weeks will not be the last time I go. ( I am using up my birthday gift cert. from Brian to a day spa. Complete pedi and manicure, with hand and foot massage. ) I will schedule another apt. for mid year and not cancel it because I " don't have the time."

7. I will not come up with any reasons not to go to my docs apt. for yearly check ups also in 2 weeks. I will bring my list of concerns and follow up on each and everyone of them. Life is short, make sure you are healthy.

I already feel better. This year, I better be, good to me.

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LoisLane said...

Sounds like some good plans to me! I always have bottled water in my office to make sure I drink enough during the day.