Friday, August 01, 2008


OK, I really do know it's August, be we are already in "Halloween Prep" mode. I love Halloween. The year we went to Salem Mass in October was like Christmas to me. I don't know what it is about Halloween, maybe just that I am a kid at heart? Anyways, we already have costumes, bought them last November on extreme clearance at Target. I think each costume was 4.00, and they are those nice 30.00 costumes that include everything. I start buying candy this month and freezing it, as we get 300 trick or treaters and I like to give "good" candy. Name brand, no fillers!
Where does my husband stand on all this? Well, he decorates the "Haunted Porch" and made me that awesome witch for my yard, and he takes the girls out to get candy, but that's about it. He doesn't like to think about it till about October 20. For the past few nights, somehow Halloween has come up at dinner,very innocently. As in, we were in the party store and costumes are out now, etc....HE thinks it's a conspiracy and we would do anything to bring it up. Well, last night, again without thinking, it came up again, only now it's funny cause it keeps coming up and we aren't even trying. It's fun to drive him crazy.
I was in the craft store yesterday getting more stencil paint for my living room stencil project and guess what's set? HALLOWEEN! Enjoy summer, there is still lost of it left, but Halloween is just around the corner. 92 shopping days left.

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moi aussi said...

Hey! The blog updates were fun to read. The girls are as cute as always.

You know "witchy-poo" if you are that into Halloween you ought to consider reading VAMPIRE stories! Muhaha! Really, though, scary stuff is good. (and yeh, i just finished Breaking Dawn! Awesome).

And, i think i like the TV show Supernatural! Finally found something on TV that i can stand to watch! Wow.