Monday, August 11, 2008

Secret Life of a Soccer Mom

I am a soccer mom. I drive a Volvo, have 3 kids, golden retriever, lead a girl scout troop, work in a school, love to go antiquing, and on the outside looking in, it would seem very boring and cookie cutter. Predictable.
From time to time I shake things up, and some things you wouldn't guess about me are that I love dance music. The more beats per min the better! I keep up on music and like to listen to new music. I like to be hip with my technology as well, and both know how to use it and update it in my home. I love to dance, and would love to do out dancing sometime soon with my husband. Typically, my MP3 player is loaded with great dance music, and I listen to it very loud. I overheard my daughter telling her friend she thought it was "weird" that I have an MP3, and listen to stuff that she also likes ( she loves Madonna. Like mother like daughter).
Currently I have some hot tunes in my MP3. I have the Johnny Visious mix of "Pocketfull of Sunshine." It's delish. I also have my friend JP's club mixes, and I would like to share the link. They are hot as well:
So if you see me out there droppping my kids off at soccer, scouts, ballet, Nutcracker rehearsal, field hockey, don't assume I am listening to country, or that lite and easy station. I am one jamming mom!

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