Tuesday, August 05, 2008

7 Things I hate.....

My daughter has been listening to that Miley Cyrus song "7 Things I hate About you." I was remembering our "Hate Books" from high school.....slam books is I guess what they really were, only I don't think they were intended to be mean, it was our way of expressing things we disliked, not just people although there were a few people on my list.....

So, here is my current hate list, 7 Things I hate:

I hate the way the media morphs 2 names together on cleb couples, like Bradalina. Please, they are 2 seperate people.

I hate the way media also pays enormous sums of money for pics of cleb new borns. 14 milion dollars for pics of their twins. Bless them for donating it all to childrens charities.

I hate how fast cars fly down off the hill on the road in front of my house, and the fact that there isn't a "Children Playing" sign.

Roadside memorials. I have noticed several in the area. When someone dies in a vehicle related death and people put up a memorial marker and flowers, etc....I realize people want closure, go to the memorial, bring those things to the cemetary.

I hate the way our nation is immobolized by the price of oil/gas, and having to decide not to have wanderlust this summer because I can't afford the price of gas.

I hate the way the nations is making a "housing crisis" a big deal and trying to bail everyone out, like those people that live in Old Forge and have not only a house, but a waterfront home in the same area, haven't paid taxes since 2003, and the press is making a big deal about "poor them, they are losing their home". Um, they have 2 homes, valued at 700,000. SELL one to pay your taxes and LIVE in the other. If the county bails them out, they will have to bail everyone out.

Finally, I hate the weather this summer. Too cold. My pool is 62 and nobody wants to swim. Really need to get a solar panel next summer.

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