Monday, September 08, 2008

My Kind of Weekend!

I had one of those magic weekends where I accomplished everything on my list, plus had some fun! We went out to dinner Friday night, as is our tradition, first Friday after back to school. Kind of a sign we all survived! Friendly's is out as a restaurant choice, what a gluter nightmare that is, so it was off to our new fav, Piggy Pats

Saturday, we had a cord of wood deliverd for our fireplace, so we made an assembly line and moved it into the backroom. Love that smell of it! I also did all my housework, scrap booked with the girls ( 3 pages), made spaghetti sauce, granola, and blondies.

Sunday, I finished 2 loads of laundry, put it away, went on a hike with the girls on the greenbelt trails, finished painting the pantry, helped close the pool, made lasagna, and even had time to polish my nails.

This week, however, activities start for the girls, soccer and ballet, so it's my last weekend of freedom. I did enjoy it!

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