Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm Aware Allright!

Welcome October, my favorite month! Halloween Month! A day off this month for Columbus Day ( as screwed up as the history is)! Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Typically, I donate to our school fund raising for BCA month, and that's about it. This year, I feel I have kicked up my own personal awareness to a level I never really needed. I had my first baseline mammo. in September, just like I said I would. Sure enough, I get called back for more "views" they like to call it. Views my ass! Flattening the boob in question ( my left) to even flatter dimensions is now what I call a view. They told me they would take more photos and then see if I needed an ultra sound. Turns out there was a mass they could see in the original photos. They thought at first it was a lymph node. Who knew your breasts had those? Not me, but no surprises there, I never paid attention in science class. The extra photos get looked at, not a node. It's off to ultra soound. Again, who knew they would ultra sound my boob, I asked the tech. To which she replied "Who knew I would ultra sound boobs all day?" The Doc that read the images said likely just a cyst. They measured it and I have to go back in a few months to "follow up" I think that's code for more "views."

All in all, I was pretty calm. I surprised myself. I will not freak out over this, and I will diligently follow up. All in all the prodding, flattening, and "viewing" of my boobs didn't bother me too much. I like my boobs, always have, they are a feature of mine that I am at peace with. Perfect "C" cup ( after babies, used to be a "b"), not too flabby, still not saggy. I hope medicine never has to mess with them, and I have vowed to get them mammoed every year from now on.

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month, from my boobs to yours.


Traci Gregory said...

Ah - I remember well the news of havng a "suspicious area." Even when you're fairly sure it's something benign, the news just hits you right in the gut.
Welcome to the land of routine squishing - ain't it fun? :p

moi aussi said...

I'm happy it was only a cyst! Our bodies grow more skin/cysts/junk as we age....yeh, it sucks. At least doctor's care about our boobs. I'm a lot more worried an ovary might get cancer and no one will know until it is too late. Boobs are the best tended body part! Must be due to the male fication with them. one gives a crap about my ovaries, my thyroid, my blood! Now do they!

When I had my first mammo, all I could think was: "They lied!" All those e-mailed jokes about getting run over by a tire etc...alll lies! It didn't hurt at all.