Monday, December 24, 2007

Magic of Christmas

I just read Traci's very sweet blog about Christmas, and it's very much the same here. T'was the day before Christmas when all throught the house, we have presents to wrap and cannoli to fill ( and eat!) The stockings are waiting to be hung by the chimmney with care, for fear baby Ava will pull them down on her head. The girls are counting the hours till bed, and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again ( wait, that is a different song.....)

I just discovered that the old light displays from Trinkaus Manor are on display in Rome, so we are going out tonight to see them. That used to be a Christmas Eve tradition, until the Trinkaus burned down. I guess I always thought the lights were lost too, and it made me so sad. The OD just ran a story about them in Rome, so away we will go. My dad used to take us, and then later in life, Brian and I used to go every Christmas Eve, and then go out to dinner. I am going to take photos to share with my dad. He will get a kick out of seeing them again, and the fact that my girls will enjoy something his little girls used to enjoy. That is, after all, what Christmas is about. Tradition,and time with the family making magic Christmas memories to savor and remember someday, when the girls are grown, and my house isn't quite so busy.

Merry Christmas. May yours be as magical as mine.

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