Monday, December 17, 2007

Current Events

I can't stand that I don't have time to blog. Well, in current events, the kitchen project is humming along. The "major" stuff was done by the contractor, and Brian and I are finishing the rest. Because we have kids and life is crazy, I am hoping this will be done by Spring. What has been done is awesome. I love it, and it is just the "Country Living" vision I had in mind. Loving the 29 bottle wine chiller ( but why 29, 30 is a much more rounded number?)
Christmas? Not really ready for it, which is making me crazy because I like to be resdy for things. I still need to shop this week, which is not like me at all. Hopefully, I will get everything all ready. I only had time to put about half my usual decorations up. Kind of sad, but you reach a point where you can only do so much and accept the fact that life will go on, and may perhaps return someday, right?
I am still hoping for my pre-Christmas snow day that we usually have and I get caught up. It almost happend this AM, but all we got was a delay. Miranda came downstairs with a look of hope, as did I, and I said "delay". She said " OHHHHHHHH". My thoughts exactly. I too, still look forward to my snow days. Just a big kid, I am.

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