Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Funnies

My kids crack me up. Anna is usually the comedian, but Ava took the mic this holiday and did a little stand up herself. At dinner on Saturday, my sister in law was in from North Carolina. Ava was trying to have a conversation and said " Daisy pees in the snow." We all roared. Then, on Christmas day, after devoring a bowl of Bryers vanilla ice cream, she looks up and says "I'm still waiting for my coffee." Again......very funny kid. Finally, this AM, she came up to me and said " I need my sockie mom, my sockie." After searching the house for her socks, she lead me by the hand to the mantle and pointed to her STOCKING. I had a good laugh.

Loved my holiday. It was perfect adn I am the proud owner of a counter top roasting oven, just like my Grandma Ina had. It's a beauty. I can roast meat in that and free up the oven to cook up 3 racks of food when throwing down a holiday dinner. Then, my glorius roasting pan becomes a chafing pan, and you place the insert in and can keep warm 3 side dishes. Sweet.

Today, as we enjoy new toys, we are also going to head out and visit the sledding hill. Sun is shining, snow looks good, and we need to run off all those sweets we ate! Enjoy the day, and happy Christmas vacation!

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