Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Bottoms

How can one thing have so many names? Anyhow, I was in my closet yesterday, looking over things for the Fall and I tried on all my pants. In the Spring/ early summer when school finished, I only had a few of my "old" pants that fit me. When I say "old" I mean pre- Ava. I had purchased some nice clothes when I did my internships. They were mostly 10's and 12's. At our garage sale I got rid of anything larger, and anything "stretchy" that I considered fat pants. Good riddance!

I was elated to find most of my smaller pants fit!!!! There were only a couple exceptions, and these were pants that ran smaller. Thank GOD! Some of my old wardrobe fits! I will have many more outfit options in the fall when school starts. See, I love clothes. I love accessories, and I really enjoy dressing nice for work. It's been so depressing carrying around extra after baby weight for so long. I was energized yesterday by this discovery.

Whatever you call them, mine fit again.

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