Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1900's House, Lead Paint, and other ramblings....

My friend Amy lent me 1900's House on DVD. I had originally viewed it on PBS when I was in Grad school, which meant I never saw the end. I love, I mean LOVE Victorian times and history, so I was happy to have it to view. However, it's 4 hours long. I hopped on the exercise bike with the DVD player and watched over an hour ( my butt was falling asleep I was on the bike so long). I stayed up way late trying to finish it. Tired girl this morning, I am dragging. I am also more thankful that I live in modern times. Although I love Victorian times, I only like to decorate in this theme. It was a hard life for women in 1900. 1 out of 4 children died before adulthood, and if the arsenic in the wallpaper didn't kill you, the soot and ash from the boiler combined with limited oxygen from wearing the corset did. As much as I love to clean, laundry that took 3 days would really get to me. This AM I threw my wash into the dryer and it's already done. I was feeling a little tired and stressed over being home all summer and tending to the kids and keeping up the house, I feel a little less now and a little foolish. Imagine life for my Grandmother? The woman who cried when she got her first washing machine.

I just went through the recalled toy list. We don't own any lead paint toys, but Miranda owns 4 Polly Pocket playsets effected by the magnet recall. Although she would never put a toy in her mouth at 9 years of age, the baby does, and will likely inherit these toys. I broke the news to Miranda and sent for the information on what to do. I did tell her Mattel wil give her a voucher to buy new toys. That perked her up!

Just yesterday I was praying for strength to help me make it through summer. I was also feeling guilty that I would feel this way. It just seems everyday I cook 3 meals a day, cleam, do laundry, and take care of kids. And the kids have reached the point where they really don't like eachother and are looking forward to starting school. After watching 1900's House, I think I can make it. After all, when the going get's tough I can: order pizza, brew coffee in less than 5 min, take a 30 min hot shower without having to keep a fire going for 6 hours, and plug in the vacuume aand rip through my house in 20 min tops and it's nice and clean. Oh yeah, and the Bubonic Plague is nowhere to be found.......all that and I can vote, and choose not to wear a bra. Life is good. I am off to fold my laundry that only took less than an hour start to finish.

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