Monday, August 13, 2007


Do you know how the Astronauts prepair to reenter the Earth's atmosphere after they have gone to the outer space? They go through a special procedure and hope they have planned all the angels correctly so that it goes smooth? Well, that's how I plan for "back to school", and that is what I call it, re-entry.

I offically re-enter next week, as I go back before teachers. The clock is ticking, so this weekend, I finished off all, and I do mean ALL the back to school shopping. I have every pencil, eraser, and school supply on "the lists." Done. I have been through each girl's closet and mucked out the clothes that don't fit, checked the "next size up" boxes to see what I may already have, and this weekend, we shopped for everything they needed to complete a fall/early winter wardrobe ( we shop on February break to refresh everything). They have socks, underwear, fall jackets, pants, shirts, and really cute outfits. They have new backpacks, lunchboxes, and oh do they have shoes. I tend to overbuy shoes, and they end up with a generous amount of shoes. Let's just say they will be able to accessorize. The new backpacks are packed and ready to go, and the pantry is even stocked up with lunch box food. Cool! No, that one gets a way cool from me. We have a new chest freezer and that baby is full as well, so I can quickly pull out meals after work.
As for mom, because I lost weight, mucking out my closet was fun. Good BYE streatch pants and clothes that had to flatter a fatter me. Hello to all my new clothes! I went to the Dress Barn yesterday, and I wasn't really a fan of this place until recently, and boy did I have fun. I tried on an armload of clothes, most in one size up from where I want to be, and some in that coveted goal size and I am happy to report I brought home size 10's that fit me!!!! I guess the bad thing about losing weight is that everything looks cute and I came home with most of what I tried on. The good thing is, I needed early fall pieces for when the weather is still warm ( my cave, I mean office is usually hot as hell, the heat comes on at random times), and all the things I needed we on end of summer clearance, so I did make out like a bandit! Add that to the three pairs of shoes I have on the way and the tops from Kohl's and I will be looking very well put together this year.

All we need to do now is back to school haircuts and we will be good to go. I actually did a " we have all our supplies" dance in Staples yesterday. The girls were wondering what was wrong with me. The clerk helping me must have thought I was nuts. Oh well. Next on my list? Winter outerwear........

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