Friday, August 03, 2007


Ava's birthday is coming up in September. You know how I like to plan? OK, I actually LOVE to plan parties. I am in full plan mode for her party. We didn't have a very big one for her 1st birthday, just grandparents and aunts actually, and a birthday cake. I feel the need to party this year, but my kitchen will be all ripped up by the end of September. So, it hit me. There is a nice town hall close by, we have decided to have it there and throw her a "Playhouse Disney" party. She loves, LOVES Mickey and Pluto, and has been smitten since our trip to Disney when she actually met them in person. I thought she would freak out, she was so happy to see them.

So far, I have ordered her the cutest minnie mouse dress up dress, complete with petticote and ears, and purchased some nice primary color party ware ( Dollar Store!!). I will "fill in" with the Playhouse Disney pinata, centerpiece, etc....... I have planned some cute games for all the kids, and am contemplating a clown. There will be a lot fo kids there if everyone comes, and the girls and I keep seeing "Flower the Clown" and her beautiful VW Bug all done up in flowers around the area. I think it's a sign.......

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