Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Project Mode

This entire vacation has been about house projects. Since I was able to do so little last year with the baby, I am trying to make up for lost time. I have done so many projects including: Decorating the side porch, spray painting all the register vents with a bronze color to cover up the rust and ugly tan color they were, ripping up not one but 4 rugs so far to expose wood floors and replacing with beautiful decorative rugs ( and a GREAT hand hooked rug for the upstairs sitting area, scored a great sale price), decorated Anna and Ava's room as Tinkerbell Hollow, finished stenciling Miranda's room, recovered her vanity bench, put stars on her ceiling, found perfect print to frame in old antique frame I "repurposed" for sitting room, organized closets with new hampers, organized pantry, and that is just the stuff I rememer.!!

We had the garage sale this weekend, which in itself was a HUGE project. Made a clean sweep of all my closets, cabinets, and in the kitchen the appliances. I donated a truck load of stuff to Salvation Army, and blankets to the Humane Society, and saved some of the nicer sale items for our next sale ( I am a girl always cleaning closets, may as well plan the next sale, I will find stuff!). With our garage sale money, we gave some to each girl for helping, and will now purchase some things we need for the house including a freezer, new picnic table for the back patio, and a deck box for the pool.
So now I eyeball the house and see what I can do today. Here is what I have come up with: Hang our framed degrees in the offfice, fix the frame on the framed tinkerbell print for Anna and Ava's room, and "repurpose" the lantern we took off the side of the house ( oh yeah, a project I forgot we did, Brian removed the old black outside lights and put up nice bronze looking ones, old style lanterns, and one even has a on at dust off at dawn feature). The one I want to repurpose looks like a lantern you would walk around with in days gone by. I have pulles out the wires, and am going after the part the light bulb screwed into today. After I pull that out, I am painting it bronze to match the new out door lights. I am going to use it to put on the floor of the porch over a big pillar candle for nights we sit out. I am excited about my idea because it will not only look great, but go with the old style we are trying to maintain for this historic 1850's house. One final thing I want to do this summer is to get a plaque made for the front with the date on it.

Happy projecting! I am off to "repurpose".

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