Monday, July 30, 2007

Has Anyone Seen my Carbs???

So, I have been trying to lose weight, and lower my BMI number since January. I am happy to say I have lost 22 pounds to date. However, holy crap has it taken a long time! I know I know....... the best way to lose weight is slow. I had gotten impatient with how long it's been taking on WW, so I boosted things alone these past two weeks. I did what always workds for me, I gave up carbs. It's been 10 days since bread, potatoes, or refined sugar has past my lips, and I have entered the zone where I feel awesome. Why does it take giving up carbs to make me feel full of energy, and GREAT? It's not fair, but I did speed up my weight loss. The scale, which had stalled out is moving again. I am happy to report I am currently wedding weight, which isn't my all time low, but it's on my way. ( 1995 weight!!!) My 12's are FINALLY loose, and I bought a skirt last week that is a size 8. Today I am wearing shorts I haven't been able to wear ever ( they are from Sandi) and yesterday, my favorite American Eagle denim shorts were feeling very loose. 10. 10 is where I am heading, and trying hard to be there by the fall.

So, keep eating the meat and veggies, and keep the carbs out of my house and keep the scale moving!

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